Saturday, June 7, 2014

       This summer I am going to the ocean in Savannah, GA. I just can't wait to see the blue ocean and the white sands. I will also go to Minnesota and to Chicago, to visit family. I have missed them so much. But I also will be here in Atlanta working on my swimming goal of learning 2 new strokes and mastering 3 old strokes. Well I keep you posted on that one lol. And on the 4th of July I will be at an event for my dads job. we will be at Lake Lanier hopefully I will catch a fish :-). Well that is some of the things that will be up to. But I want you to tell me what you are doing this summer in the comments. #JAHROX4EVER
This summer I am going to the beach in savannah, GA

Wednesday, May 7, 2014



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Monday, June 24, 2013

At the Circus

About a month ago, my parents took my brother and I to the Universal Soul Circus. We were VIP’s, because my Aunt is a figure skater in the show. It was soooo cool. We went backstage a saw all of the animals and met the performers before the show began. We even got to pet a white tiger; She was super gorgeous.
We set front row which was the best thing ever. There were Caribbean Dancers, little men that were doing funny little dances, dogs walking cats, women that turned into tigers, really strong men that did tricks on a super tall pole, Asian karate people, figure skating, and all kinds of silly performances.
My favorite part was the figure skating. Mainly because, my aunt is the lead skater and she made up an awesome routine. There were two men and two women. Everyone was so graceful, but when the men picked up the women my brother said “He had better not drop my TT or I’m going to beat him up.”  lol… He is so cute.
Our day at the circus was so much fun, especially when we played 2K13 while eating Zaxby’s fries and drinking Gatorade and cola backstage. Thank you TT Chrissy for the tickets, I love you so much.  

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Vintage in Spring

This is me having my second interview with the fabulous Mr. Barry Brandon
at the Vintage in Spring event

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Diva Chicks Unite Girls Empowerment Club


            Since Hey Chick’s launch, Lilyan has participated in several fashion shows, festivals, and local markets from Stone Mountain, GA to Columbus, GA. In the past year Lilyan has grown as a designer and a young entrepreneur.  Through her mission to inspire all young ladies to confidently express themselves through life and style, Lilyan has been inspired to create Diva Chicks Unite Girls Empowerment Club.
Diva Chicks Unite will be a club where young ladies can come to creatively express themselves, and to help them feel confident and empowered. Joined by her mother, Lilyan will lead about 15 girls through several different activities which will encourage self sufficiency and young entrepreneurship. They will learn how to create fashion accessories with recycled and up-cycled fabrics and materials, how to market and advertise their products in person and on the internet, how to display their products for photos and events, and how to present themselves in business. In a room full of girls there is sure to be whole lot of girl talk. The girls will also receive fashion tips and advice, mentoring, and a great opportunity to build valuable relationships.  At the end of 6 weeks we will host a Diva Chick’s Showcase where all the Diva’s can display their creations and what they have learned for their family and friends.
This club will be very beneficial to the community, because it will provide an opportunity for young ladies to grow into young business women.  It will also encourage parents to get more involved in recognizing and developing their child’s talents, and creating valuable opportunities for their child’s future. Ultimately it will reveal a vision of how limitless ones future really is, therefore inspiring us to reach for more.
This is a cause that will always draw everyone’s attention. We want to reach as many people as possible so we will continuously be driving traffic to Hey Chick site thru internet advertising and print ads. We will even be inviting local magazines, news, and other media to the Diva Chicks Showcases. In order to launch the club we need some support. We are looking for donations and sponsors. If you donate we will add your business information and your logo to the Hey Chick blog and facebook page. Also, we will add your logo to all event advertisements. If you become a consistent sponsor we will also post your business information daily on the Hey Chick facebook page and you will receive a sponsorship gift after the Diva Chick’s Showcases.  As the popularity of Hey Chick and Diva Chicks grows so will your online visibility. Your business name will also be attached to a fantastic and noble cause which is great for business.
What we need

Recycled jewelry (preferably damaged)
Thick fabrics (preferably old clean cloths)
Cement glue
Fabric paints
Paint sponges
Heavy duty sewing needles
10lb fishing wire
Earring hooks
Crimp beads
Crafting plier sets
Jewelry making beads
Flexible craft wire

If this is a cause that fits you please contact us via email
Please share this information with your friends and family.